Art Couture Painswick

Following prized success in the ACP Festival’s Body Art and Wearable Art competitions, artwork was featured in promotional material for the event and recognised in local and national press.


A heroine to many, an artist who’s thought provoking powerful words inspire and speak to the soul. A dedication to the recently departed Maya Angelou 1928-2014 and her piece of powerful and positive verse, ‘Still I Rise’.

Time Piece

We are a generation of ‘instance’. Instant messaging, instant access, speed dials, speed dating, convenience, fast food, fast cars, immediate results… We seem to want everything NOW. The whole world where we live is getting quicker and quicker, where ‘time’ appears to be a precious and rare commodity. Time seems to fly away and slip through our fingers, it is almost as though we are running out of this precious resource, and the opinion of many scientists and theorists is that this world where we live is ever closer to its end due to the way we treat our planet and each other. Gimmicks and quick ways to make ‘things’, do ‘things’ and have ‘things’ appears to be the fashion. We are now able to communicate with each other faster than ever before and we can live on after death better than we have ever previously been able to in a 2D world of images and recordings due to the technology that surrounds us. This ‘Time Piece’ explores some of the metaphors around time and looks at the world where we live inspired by these abstract ideas and the work of a personal influence, Salvador Dali. Our perceptions of the world where we live, is and always has been and will be, in a constant state of flux. Ever changing, nothing stays the same apart from one ‘thing’ that is truly timeless, the one real ‘thing’ in life, is life itself. To really feel the life we have is something that can be forgotten in ‘the race’ we have created, being so busy and ‘keeping up with the times’ we often forget that time is actually an illusion and that this moment will never be here again. When we stop grasping to the past and creating expectations for the future, we are truly present and awake in the ‘now’.

“The whole life of man is but a point of time; let us enjoy it.” ~  Plutarch Greek biographer & moralist (46 AD – 120 AD)