Emma Fay is known for her concept body artistry, using paint on the human canvas to create artworks that challenge visual perception. Inspired by evolution and origins, her art conveys notions of surrealism and symbolic expressionism through her manipulation of the human form. Successfully combining her artistic, theatrical and business background with professional experience within the hair and beauty industry, Emma has gained notable recognition as one of the world’s most accomplished bodypainting artists. In addition to fine art, Emma’s work has been applied to more commercial domains, creating captivating artwork for editorial and advertorial use, both as photographed body art and live installations.

Born in 1987, Emma’s education predominantly centered around the arts, with various studies completed in fine art and theatre design. Her rise to international recognition as a body artist came from the release of the Marvels of Nature series, which combined the distorted quality of contortionism with painted depictions of animal forms. Following the worldwide viral success of the artwork, the series has been featured in many publications, including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post, as well as being recreated for campaigns and media appearances including as a live performance on stage at the 2016 International Photography awards in Dubai.

Emma has undertaken multiple commissions within commercial arenas, adding an innovative and illusionary dimension through her concepts and ideas. Having developed her own studio with full photography capabilities and an experienced team of bodypainting and make up artists to support, Emma is able to handle large-scale projects and offers a bespoke design process and service for editorial art, marketing, performance, photography, film and TV productions. Working from both her Leicester-based studio in the UK and from various global locations, past clients have included UNWater, PETA, Macmillan Cancer Support and ITV.

Emma is a confident public speaker and has presented her work at the TedxWarwick event. She is also Artistic Director of Enter Edem, a collective of artists and performers working to create exciting theatre and events throughout the UK. Emma is passionate about endorsing the arts through education and has given many workshops and demonstrations in body art, theatrical make-up, adornment making and performing arts.

Sky Atlantic
UN Water
The National Lottery
Macmillan Cancer Support
Action Homeless
Sociedade Brasileria de Dermatologia, Brazil
Born Free Foundation
Tiger Balm
Natural History Museum, London
ZSL London Zoo
HIPA Photography Awards, Dubai
Cirque Beserk at Hyde Park, London
Zoo Project
Ministry of Environment, Gibraltar
Leicester City Council

The Guardian
The Telegraph
The New York Post
The Daily Mail
Huffington Post


The Art of Employment Lottery-funded project for Apex-works, Leicester
Loreto College, Manchester
City of Leicester College
Charnwood Arts
People Express
LOV Festival

Other notable achievements
Arts judge at bodypaint festivals in Gibraltar and the Netherlands
Young Enterprise board member and business advisor
Live painting demonstrations at Paintopia and the World Bodypainting Festival

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