Portraits of the Mind Exhibition

Portraits of the Mind exhibition explores our thoughts and mind-sets using the body as a canvas.

When you enter a mindset, you enter a new world.” Carol Dweck

How we perceive our world and the mind-sets we hold are often described in metaphorical terms. The images and symbols used for Portraits of the Mind are an artistic expression of the mental attitudes which can shape and change our significance, striving and deepest meaning of success and failure. The series of artworks invites the audience to look at their own self constructed image, perceptions and worldviews.

The exhibition portrays a personal curiosity of choices, freewill, influence and our social ideals. The symbols portrayed in the artworks have been chosen for their personal interpretations and direct references. The images are photographed in a uniformed pose with a neutral expression giving a plain view of the face. The intentional removal of the models’ personality and character offers a potential mirror of the mind for the viewer. The combining of portraiture and illusion, where the figure is hidden or distorted within the artwork, is created to prompt the viewer to take a second look and reflect on a self orientated society.

Pictures from Attenborough Arts Centre Exhibition 9th – 29th March 2018

Image of 'Open Mind' is observed at the Portraits of the Mind exhibition

Image courtesy Danielle Bower

A workshop as part of the Portraits of the Mind exhibition

Participants in a workshop as part of the exhibition

A gentlemen photographs 'Burn out' as part of the portraits of the mind exhibition
Observing 'The box' as part of Portraits of the Mind exhibition