Resilience Exhibition

Wellbeing is a general term that has increasingly entered our everyday conversations. The Resilience exhibition explores a deeper, more personal view of what wellbeing and the term “strength” means to individuals, with intent to serve as a reminder that we all have our own view of what it means to be well and resilient.
Working with participants of the Zfit Community and members of the public to understand their impressions of wellbeing and mental health through the topic of ‘Resilience’; following one-to-one interviewing, Emma visually portrays their perceptions of “Where do you draw your strengths from” through the medium of body art.
The exhibition is funded by the University of Leicester’s ‘Health Matters’ community engagement project, thanks to the generosity of the Edith Murphy Foundation.
Recognising the differing health needs of Leicester’s diverse population, ‘Health Matters’ runs community-specific campaigns of current and important health issues under the banner of ‘Wellbeing Matters’. A major focus lies in supporting better mental health and wellbeing by providing a space for open dialogue and helping to reduce stigma.

Resilience Artworks

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Photos by David Wilson Clarke