UN Water 2019

From a stop motion ocean to a scene created by body painted models, ‘Anthropocene’ is an abstract short film depicting the effects humans have had on water and wildlife in the epoch of time coined as ‘the plastic planet.’ worldwaterday.org #Water for all “Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right.”

Models: Alice Buck
Charlotte Jarvis
Naomi Scott
Steve Worton
Maddie Worton
Charlie Worton
Ludwik Szczylik
Rachel Dawes
Fee Worton
Annaliese Morgan
James Kerr
Joseph Edwards
Tim Baker
Adam Colclough
Loretta Hope

Artists: Emma Fay
Loretta Hope
Natalie Page

Music: Niwid – Tim Baker

Concept: Emma Fay
Loretta Hope

Film: Phillip Kingsley-Elton
David Wilson Clarke
Sophie Stogdon

Editor: James Kerr

Artistic Director: Emma Fay